Tuesday, March 5, 2013


My first stop was Perth in Western Australia on an eight hour direct flight. Longest flight I've been on so far. I flew with Air NZ who are always great, watching films to pass the time (highly recommend The Perks of Being a Wallflower). With a five hour time difference, I was tired pretty early! My Nan picked me up from the airport and we went to a mall so I could sort out a sim card for the phone I had so I could keep in touch with people around the place.

The first day of my holiday I caught the bus then train into the city of Perth and went exploring, wandering and catching free city circle buses. I ended up at Kings Park which had amazing views of the city and a beautiful Anzac memorial.

The temperature was about 41 degrees Celsius. Walking from an air conditioned house or shop to outside felt like you started breathing through a hair dryer. But it was a very dry heat so it wasn't as bad as it sounds. The landscape was a dry brown colour with very little green grass around. And at night it was too hot for even sleeping with a sheet with the bedroom window open.

The suburbs in Perth are really spread out, I noticed, but that could've just been the side of the city I was on.

I caught up with a friend who I used to work with in high school who is a musician. He played me some of his songs which was awesome. His style has changed a lot since I last heard him. He's now a 'looper' which is a completely different style of live music than I've seen before. Pretty neat stuff.

I also had lunch with some family who live there which was nice. I met my cousin's wife and daughter for the first time, which seemed to be a recurring event on this trip, with everyone settling down. I had a kangaroo steak for lunch which was different. Kind of like beef but gamier, easy to overcook which would turn it very chewy. It was served rare so it was great. I'd definitely have it again.

I didn't spend long in Perth so I think I've still got a few things to do and see if I go back for another visit.

Three words: dry, parks, sprawling

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