Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Prior to departure

There were several of reasons I wanted to travel around Australia. I had friends in Brisbane who I wanted to visit, whom I had met on my volunteer trip to Fiji in November 2011. I have family all over the place who I hadn't seen in years. I bought a ticket to Soundwave in Melbourne. And I've got the travel bug and was starting to get itchy feet.

My itinerary had me flying out of Auckland on the 31st January. The weekend before I left my little sister came to stay, which was fun, and we both flew home to Tauranga on the Monday. Tuesday, I drove back to Wellington with my new car. Keeping busy before I'd even left the country! Not to mention the fact I'd moved house only the week before.

It was just my luck that on the 29th I got a toothache. I managed to get a dentist appointment the next day and, after drilling and filling, my dentist tells me there's a 50/50 chance of whether my tooth would get better and I might need a root canal while in Australia. Not ideal. Luckily nothing came of it and I've survived the trip w no further problems.

I flew up to Auckland that evening, drugged up so the cabin pressure wouldn't make my tooth hurt more, and spent the evening and the following morning with my dear friend, Richard. He took me out for breakfast before taking me to the airport for my flight to Perth.

In order to save on costs, my trip has been done with only carry-on luggage. Thankfully, because of the number of family and friends I have around the place, I have been able to do as much laundry as needed and actually ended up posting some things home because I just wasn't going to use them. I've also been staying with the aforementioned relatives to save on accommodation and food costs. Bonus.

I might do a post on what was in my luggage, for those of you who think traveling for a month with such a small amount of stuff is impossible.

Another reason this worked for me is because I haven't done any shopping. As tempting as it has been, self imposed budget and space restrictions have prevented this. Also, I don't need any more crap to fill up my house. My memories and photos will be enough.

More next time

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Australian adventure

I've just spent a month traveling around Australia. I've been to several cities and met some amazing people. My views on everything from scuba diving to parenting styles to relationships to methods of travel have been reevaluated. Here I'll tell you about my adventures and hopefully this blog can come in handy for tracking my future endeavours too.

Peace out,